Top Mutual Fund Calculators: Which One Offers the Best Performance Analysis

Top Mutual Fund Calculators

Mutual funds have emerged as a favored investment option among numerous individuals, thanks to their diversified portfolios and expert management. Yet, with an abundance of mutual funds available, assessing their performance can be overwhelming.

To aid investors in making informed decisions, mutual fund calculator prove to be invaluable tools, offering valuable insights and simplifying the evaluation process.

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is an investment from multiple investors and invests in a diversified portfolio of securities such as stocks, bonds, or other assets.

These funds are managed by professional fund managers or investment companies who make investment decisions on behalf of the investors.

How to calculate mutual funds?

I wanted to invest, and one of my colleagues told me about a mutual fund calculator which is One helpful tool for this purpose is a mutual fund calculator, which helps investors estimate the growth of their investments over time using a mutual fund calculator to calculate the potential returns on their mutual fund investments.

Follow these steps to use a mutual fund calculator:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Sign up after entering your mobile number
  3. Log in On the home page, tap on three bars situated on the top right.
  4. Here, you’ll see ‘Calculators & Buying Guides.’
  5. Go to ‘mutual fund calculators.’
  6. Fill in the required details, i.e., amount and time period, and you are good to go!

Remember that the results generated by a mutual fund calculator are based on the information you provide and are estimates.

Actual investment performance can vary due to market fluctuations.

What are the benefits of a mutual funds calculator?

  • Mutual Fund Calculator eliminates your dependency on agents/ distributors to calculate returns for you
  • It gives you the freedom to calculate returns on your lump sum investments at any given point in time
  • Generates results from complex formulas within a few seconds
  • It gives accurate results every time
  • Easy to use and understand

Which are the best mutual funds calculators?

While searching for trustworthy mutual funds calculators which offer the best performance analysis, I came across the below-listed:

  1. Bajaj finserv

A mutual fund calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to help investors assess the potential returns on their investments. It offers various calculators, including a SIP interest calculator and a lump sum calculator.

  • ET Money

It provides an advanced mutual fund calculator. In addition to analyzing mutual fund returns, it offers personalized investment recommendations and real-time tracking of mutual fund investments.

  • Moneycontrol

It includes a unique SIP Returns Analyzer, which showcases the performance of multiple SIPs over different investment periods. The calculator also offers fund comparisons and volatility analysis.

  • Value Research Online (VRO)

It offers a comprehensive mutual fund calculator with features like SIP, lump sum, and goal-based calculators. It provides in-depth fund comparisons, risk analysis, and expense ratio details.


Mutual fund calculators, especially the best SIP mutual fund calculator, empower investors to make informed choices, optimize their returns, and stay on track toward achieving their financial aspirations.

Embracing these valuable tools in the investment process can contribute significantly to long-term wealth creation and financial well-being.

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